"Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

"Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Uganda Day 10- Our last day! Primary School

We were so excited to spend a full day at the Primary School. We handed out sponsor letters to the kids and they were so excited. Many of the sponsors sent money for their kids and the items were bought that they needed and we were able to hand them out and tell them about their sponsors. Their gratefulness and awe of their gifts moved each of us to tears. They have so little and everything they have is worn out and used up! The elements here are hard on everything, and the kids wash everything by hand and themselves everyday. 


It is so incredible to witness the well, the cups, the bowls, the spoons, the sewing machine, clotheslines, and everything we have contributed over the last three years now being used. The Met’s handprint is evident and it gives the kids a tangible reminder of how much the Met loves and cares for them.

We are looking forward to The Run 4 Uganda Race on April 26th where we will raise money for God Cares School and Orphanage for an immediate need. They need more bunk beds, they have 2 kids sleeping in many twin beds so we need to help provide at least 100 new bunk beds. They also need more land for crops. Please join us at the race and bring your family and friends to meet Pastor Dongo at The Met!

We will be packing and leaving tomorrow and will be home Friday evening. Please pray for a safe return and for all to run smoothly. Our trip has been fabulous and we are so thankful for all your prayers and encouragement!We all have lots of stories to tell of the amazing things God has done on our trip.
Baby Ali....there's a story on this one! He's so sweet!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Uganda Day 9- Jinja Trip to visit Aids Clinic and Single Mom’s and Widow’s

Everything in Uganda takes a very long time to travel to.  The traffic is very bad and even going a few miles can take an hour. This morning we set out for Jinja to visit with widow’s and single mom’s who are HIV positive and have a co-op where they make jewelry, bags and sewing items. It took us 2 hours to get there and then we had car trouble on the way home and it took us four hours! But it was totally worth it! This is our 3rd year to work with them and we buy a lot of items from them to help them have money to live on. We sell their items when we get home and raise money for God Cares School. The guys were a little nervous about going to a place where there would be mostly women. But they ended up loving it more than the girls did I think.

Irene, Florence Dongo’s sister, started the co-op as an outreach to the community to share Jesus with those in need. The co-op has grown to 200 women and she works tirelessly to find work for them to help them pay for their HIV medicine and to be able to buy food for their families. Irene has an incredible vision to provide for these women. She is creative, proactive and intensely passionate on being sure these women have work to take care of them. She is also constantly sacrificing for them.

Sarah and Abby sang a song for them, and then the ladies sang a song and danced for us. They are so talented and we were so blessed by them. We passed out the loom bracelets to the ladies and they were so touched that we would give them something. They gave us pineapple’s and sugar cane to take back with us. We are hopeful that our partnership with the ladies from Jinja will continue to enable them to achieve their vision and also help us to financially serve God Cares School.
Ladies who make the Jewelry in Jinja Co-op.

The ladies are able to bring their kids while they work.

They are so excited to get their loom bracelets.

Sarah and Abby carrying all the items we bought from them. They were so happy!

Abby carrying the items we purchased.

Darrick telling all the kids goodbye!

Monica found a friend.

Bob playing with some of the kids outside.

This is the building where they work. It is very hot with no A/C. They were sitting outside watching us leave.

The ladies singing and dancing for us. Even though they have very little and are HIV their joy was contagious!

The ladies were waiting for us to arrive and so excited for visitors to come and see them! They said they rarely have people to come see them.

This sweet grandmother is HIV positive and so is her daughter.

One of the ladies showing us here new creation!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Uganda Day 8- Planting at the Farm

We had quite the journey and experience today through a lot of crazy traffic and many very poor villages. It’s a long trip to the farm and very bumpy on mostly dirt roads. It is about a 2-hour drive and is in a very remote area and we passed a few people who live in dirt homes made of bricks, straw and hay. Most of the people we saw looked surprised to see us and Dongo said they have probably never seen a white person. We broke ground on a 4-acre cornfield and then planted more banana trees. It is very hot and dry here now. Please pray for rain. If they get the normal amount of rain, the corn will feed the kids in both schools for one semester. There is no irrigation so they are totally dependant on God to provide the rain for their crops. It was a good team building day for us with lots of competition on who could plant the fastest. It was great to spend time with Pastor Dongo and hear his vision to continue to think of ways to provide for the children. Bob said it best at dinner tonight, Dongo continues to amaze us with his love and great ideas to help these kids! He is so inspiring, such a man of integrity and character.....and really funny I might add!

Uganda Day 7- Church Services, Women’s Conference, High School Olympics

We all attended both morning services at Pastor Dongo’s Church KPC, and we were blown away by their amazing worship! Many of the kids we know from the schools that do not board came and we loved meeting their families or who they live with. I was able to speak at the church services and spoke to them on “Prayer Changes Everything” and they were so receptive and encouraged. They are very engaged and expressive during the service and eager to learn. Abby and Sarah led worship with their worship leader and taught them a couple of new songs. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, the congregation or Abby and Sarah!
Sarah and Abby leading worship at KPC.

Duane introducing our team.

Darrick telling a funny story about me...he and Dongo thought they were very funny!

Mary and interpreter John Paul. He deserves and award keeping up with me!
Abby with one of her favorites!
The Women’s Conference was a huge success. There were 400 ladies who attended the last session and many sat on the stage and outside to hear, we were hoping they would come back. Did I mention it was at 3:00 pm and very hot, no A/C and these women really dress up in silk! Abby and Sarah lead worship and even participated in the tribal dance on the stage with them. The ladies thought they were so funny and impressed that they could keep up with them. During one of the songs, Deep Cries Out, they picked up their chairs and held them in the air so they could dance! They were so fun! There were 100 ladies from the bush who slept in the basement at the church and we were able to give them a special treat for their trip.

Mary giving Florence a Thank You bag for organizing such a fabulous event.

Mary teaching and Florence interpreting.

Ladies entering the basement to spend the night.

The High School Olympics were fun and exciting. They competed in relay events and 100-meter dash. The grand finale was a soccer game or as they call it, “Football Match on the Pitch.” We were impressed with the abilities of the kids despite the rough terrain. They would take their shoes off and run, and they are very fast, even though they are running over rocks and sticks! They are the toughest kids and never complain about anything, even if they fall or are hit with something. We hung new basketball nets and left balls and equipment for them to use. Bob taught the kids how to play Frisbee and they enjoyed learning a new sport despite the chaos. They repeatedly told us they appreciated us coming and leading such a special day for them. One of our favorite days and everyone was blessed!